deep’n’high. the essence of music

e-bass and vocals. bassline and melody.
an unusual duo: thomas dirr and claudia kocian.
they inspire, pulsate, move crossing pop, blues, jazz.
with a chuckle.

deep bass, high voice: since the first show in 2011, the cheer is sustainable! in 2014, a contract with the german major label bellaphon was signed. in september 2014, the cd „sofa songs“ appeared receiving credit from media and audience

deep´n´high play their own songs as well as adaptions from others, e.g. sting or the beatles.

thomas dirr is an accompanist with feeling und a prodigious solist. he uses the whole range of e-bass techniques to create a wide-spread sound spectrum. harmonics, tapping and chords enrich his earthy bassline.

claudia kocian’s voice moves warm and silky when she sings ballads but captures the heart and mind with her individual interpretation of blues, swing und rock. her inspiring lyrics reflect the musing woman and the modern man with all their facets and make the audience think, smile and – finally – be happy.

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